My name is Ben Stark. Being a Michigander, home is where the hand is, but earth in its entirety is where my heart resides. I have a degree in Sociology and an affinity for frisbees and bicycles. Most recently, my work is split between the craft beer industry and outdoor recreation programs.

On March 23 (2016) I’ll be pursuing a complete thru hike of the Appalachian Trail, northbound, from Georgia to Maine. The trail spans 2,189.2 miles and weaves its way through 14 states. I hope to document my journey on this blog.

Writing is an extremely important and decisive method by which I am able to process and engage the world within and around me. It is through writing that I am best able to organize and articulate my thoughts. In this way, this blog becomes one of the most important outlets I have for remaining steadfast in my learning and regurgitating, communication and accountability, and in one of my final goals: to practice the art of storytelling. I hope that my journey transcribed will be enjoyable and that it may challenge, inspire, prompt discussion, and perhaps provoke contemplation. It is my aspiration and prayer that you will join, encourage, respond, and hold me accountable.


One Response to About

  1. jeffbouman says:

    Hi Ben,
    Just a note to recommend a particular podcast when you have the chance to connect and download. At transom.org, ( http://transom.org/?p=33988 ) there is a story called “Walking Across America: Advice for a Young Man” that is particularly fitting for you and your mates. “Walking to Listen” reads the sign around this guy’s neck. Godspeed.

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