I went for a run today

Down the avenues of memory. My imagination paints what the picture takes. Please accept this repose from my silence as I deliberate over the direction of this blog.



A snap shot of memory is a snap shot of us

Shadows stretched from feet, kept pace, though unusually quiet

Like a man who’s removed his blindfold but stays silent

Trees weathered branches withered; bursting rustic warm leaves gave me a shiver

Outlined in the foliage a tiger burned bright

Cloud’s shadow crawled over bare-knuckle mountain, began traversing the valley toward us to meet our shaded contours lying beside the blazing long golden grass

I paused to ponder the purpose of the past,

But no sooner forgot when wind forced tree’s coat to detach.

Furled brows beneath a forehead creased, when your hat matched the trunk mine was covering the leaves.

What use for a camera in a Carpathian dream? Cumulus clusters float by like my memories, and there we stand with a ladder at our feet.

As cloud’s shadow encroaches and envelops my constant companion, I have but one question:

Please hold it steady while I climb?



About Ben Stark

My name is Ben Stark, no relation to Tony or the House Stark. B.A. in Sociology from Calvin College Preferred mode of transportation: Bicycle, Ice Skates, Feet Currently pursuing Adventure as Vocation Let's cross paths!
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One Response to I went for a run today

  1. joelsytsma says:

    I JUST saw this. Glad to read it.

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